Frequently Asked Questions

For Clients / Businesses

How do you charge?

There is no fixed amount, client is charged based on the service.

What is the procedure for employment?

Our employment procedure starts with the advertisement of the available job on various platforms. Secondly, candidates who apply would go through our hiring process, then they get onboarded if they do exceedingly well and meet our requirements for the position they applied for.

How do you handle candidate referencing?

Reference checks are carried out to confirm the identity of candidates as their ex-employers are reached, their references are contacted, and depending on the role, guarantors may be provided and contacted.

Can I be involved in the recruitment process?

No, you cannot as we already have a pool of qualified talents waiting to be assigned to various organizations whose skills and characters fit with the organization's goals and work culture.

Which industries and disciplines do your agency recruit for?

We recruit for a broad range of industries from the hospitality industry [hotels, short term rentals} to the tech space.

Does your recruitment agency charge candidates?

We do not charge candidates for a job instead we offer training for various job roles which interested candidates can sign up for.

Where will my employees work?

There are available work spaces that your employees can work with uninterrupted power supply in our Lagos and Oyo offices available for a token

Do you currently have positions that match my credentials and preferences?

We have available talents for the various roles.

For Job Seekers

Do I get hired immediately after I pass my interviews/ How long do I have to wait before I am placed on a job?

Yes and no. Yes you do, you become a member of our tribe and begin to work on interesting projects if the position you applied for is vacant.

No, we save your credentials in our database and reach out to you as soon as we have vacant position or project that fits your skills and experience. You also get updates about our free and paid training once you drop your email.

What is your hiring / screening process like?

Our hiring process starts with the application of candidates for an available position or project to our screening and assessment, to the on-boarding stage if they do exceedingly well and meet our requirements for the position they applied for.

There are about three to four stages that usually comes up within two weeks as you get notified of vacant positions, you take the first and second quiz, and finally, you get to be interviewed

What things do I need to work?

You need a working laptop, access to power and good data, and most importantly an ambient environment.

Do I get to work in a physical office?

It depends on the type of employment, job position or project.

Full time workers may be required to work in a physical office, depending on their employer and roles.

Do you offer part-time and full-time jobs?

We offer both part time and full time jobs depending on the task vailable at hand and your availability.

Do you offer temporary and permanent placements?

Yes, we offer temporary placement depending on project at hand and for full time employees a probation period of 12 weeks before successful candidates become full time staff.

Do you offer CV writing and training?

No we do not at the moment.

Do I need to pay any fee?

No you do not need to pay any fee if you are qualified for our available roles but you get to pay for some training that you decide to sign up for voluntarily

Still need help?

Can’t find the answer you are looking for? We are always glad to help out.

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