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How to Showcase Your Potential: A Guide to Nailing Your Virtualtribe Africa Application

Bashorun Oluwasegun | Thursday, 19 October 2023

Imagine you’re a local artist, but instead of admiring your craft, people judge you solely based on a list of art supplies you own. Ridiculous, right? That’s how we feel about traditional hiring. At Virtualtribe Africa, we want to hear your story, not just read a resume.

The Job Description: Your Treasure Map

Think of the job description as a recipe for making jollof rice. You wouldn’t skip reading the ingredients and steps, would you? Every detail matters. If the role calls for “team collaboration,” that’s your cue to reflect on times you’ve been a team MVP, like when you coordinated a community football match or led a group project at school.

The Three Questions: Your Spotlight

First up, qualifications. We’re not just interested in degrees and certificates. Maybe you’ve never been to university, but you’ve organized a local fundraiser from scratch. That shows us you know a thing or two about project management.

Next, experiences. The STAR method is your friend here. For instance, maybe you were tasked with reducing waste at a local market. You led a team to identify issues and implement solutions, ultimately reducing waste by 20%. That’s the kind of story we want to hear.

Finally, tools and skills. You don’t have to be a jack-of-all-trades, but we do want to know what you’re good at. Maybe you’re not a coding wizard, but you’ve used basic accounting software to manage a small business. That counts.

The Virtualtribe Africa Vibe

We’re a blend of cultures, backgrounds, and skills. We’re as unconventional as they come, so let your unique flag fly high. Maybe you haven’t had formal education, but you’ve learned resilience and problem-solving from running a small online business focused on African crafts. That’s the spirit we’re looking for.

The Final Touch

Before you hit “Submit,” read your answers out loud. If it sounds like a textbook, scrap it. We want to hear your voice, not a robot’s.

The Bottom Line

We’re not after cookie-cutter candidates; we’re after real people with real potential. So be honest, be creative, and most importantly, be yourself.

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